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    Information technology (IT) consulting services by CompuSave Technologies,  makes sure your technology (software, hardware and devices) meets your needs.  Have a CompuSave Technologies expert visit your location to design a solution with you for your specific company needs. We will view your current devices and recommend integration options, upgrades, and purchases. Covering all areas of South Florida such as:

    • Wellington, FL
    • Greenacres, FL
    • Boynton Beach, FL
    • West Palm Beach, FL
    • Lantana, FL
    • Hypoluxo, FL
    • Lake Worth, FL
    • And Surrounding Florida Areas.

    Definition – Nature of Our Information Technology Consulting

    In the 21st Century there has been a greater widespread use of computers in businesses of all sizes. As a result it is creating an advancing need for computer technology consultations.  An overall greater need of computer consultants.  Companies that are large enough to computerize their operations but too small to need a full-time computer specialist on staff, come to CompuSave Technology and hiring our IT consultants on a contract or retainer basis.

    CompuSave Tech’s computer consultants are sometimes employed by technology consulting firms. Their duties vary according to the needs of our client companies. Our computer consultants might spend only a few hours helping you. For example a dentist will select us and learn to operate a small office system. For a larger company, our consultants might spend several months establishing a complicated database, creating a network of small and large computers, writing user manuals, designing a Web site, or conducting computer training classes. Our CompuSave Tech consultants also may recommend and design security features for your computer system. Our computer consultants are software programmers, hardware system installers, networking specialists, database specialists, systems analysts, or a combination thereof.

    CompuSave Technology Consultant’s Education and Training Requirements

    Most of CompuSave Technologies computer consultants are college graduates. They may have degrees in computer science or data processing. Our experts are aspiring consultants gaining experience as staff computer specialists and have a great working experience knowledge base.


    According to the 2014 employment projections by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of computer and other technical consultants was expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014. Both the use of computers and the need for sound computer advice are expected to grow.

    Competive Comparsions ( Be sure to visit our Price Comparison links)

    1) Most computer consultants from computer manufacturers are foreign employed and don’t compliment or enhance the above US statistics.

    2) Computer salespeople and other consultants are knowledgeable but when they really gather greater knowledge they look to work independently for great earning.

    3) Moreover, many computer stores offer free consulting services to attract buyers but that is at their site location and they have various vested interests in mind.

    Working Conditions Overview

    CompuSave Technologies

    1) Consultants may have to work long hours, because clients usually need their systems installed or upgraded quickly.

    2) Assignments may last from several days to several months.

    3) Our computer consultants have good communication skills so that they can identify their clients’ needs quickly and explain their recommendations clearly.

    In conclusion

    CompuSave Technologies Consultants remain alert to trends in computer use and are flexible enough to adjust their services accordingly.

    With CompuSave Technologies you will have the best chances for success.