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  • 4 Types of Malware that can be Disastrous for Your Computer

  • You must have heard of people’s computers being hacked into. You feel bad and forget about it. What if you made an online payment and realize your bank account has been emptied, just like that? A nightmare, isn’t it? With increasing cyber-crime, such scenarios are more probable than you could imagine.

    Use of malware is a big issue for businesses and individuals alike. Fortunately, leading computer repair companies, such as CompuSave Technologies, provide technical support to protect and repair your computers. Here is what they want you to know about protecting your computer.


    Malware is a collective term for programs that are designed to damage or disrupt your computer. Malware comes in different forms.


    A virus needs a host and spreads ‘smuggle’ its code into another program. Viruses are typically used to steal sensitive information, control a computer to carry out tasks the creator wants or simply disrupting work.


    Worms are similar to viruses but they don’t require a host. Worms spread through storage devices such as USB sticks. You may recall a time when you borrowed someone’s USB stick and your computer went berserk. To protect against worms, you need antivirus software with a dual-engine fileguard.


    Spyware collect data from your computer stealthily. Spyware gives its users huge amounts of personal information such as your emails, pictures, your credit card details and more. Anything being keyed into your keyboard is recorded discreetly.


    Ransomware locks your computer. You may be asked to pay a ‘ransom’ from an anonymous service if you want to unlock your computer and get your data. Ransomware brings easy income to its users. This is done with the help of a lockout screen, a countdown timer and a link to a payment page where you are required to pay.

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